Andover, Maine Obituaries

Obituaries are an excellent source of historical and genealogical information about the deceased, his or her family, and the town in general. We have included all the obituaries we have been able to find for anyone who was born in, lived in, died in, was buried in, or otherwise had a close connection to Andover, Maine.


Many of the obituaries came from scrapbooks kept by local residents and institutions, including Dot Campbell, Gertie Smith, Rena Spidell, Ruth Spidell, the Andover First Congregational Church and the Andover Historical Society. Many also came from microfilms of newspapers at the Bethel Historical Society and Rumford Public Library. We have also received some obituaries from relatives or descendants of the deceased. We give a big “thank you” everyone who has helped us with this project.


Whenever possible, we have cited the newspaper in which the obituary appeared and the publication date. However, because many of the obituaries were clipped out of newspapers many years ago and pasted into scrapbooks without any identification, we are not able to cite the source other than "an unidentified and undated local newspaper." But, we believe that most of the obituaries came from the Rumford Falls Times, Bethel Citizen, Lewiston Daily Sun or Norway Advertiser Democrat. In fact, many obituaries appeared in several of these newspapers.


The general rule is that an obituary is published as soon after death as possible, which usually means within a day or two for daily publications and a week or two for weekly publications. We have included the maiden name and prior married name of married women in parentheses (  ) whenever we knew that name. We have also included the date of birth/death, in brackets [  ] when it was not included in the obituary but we were able to find it in another source. Occasionally we also included the names of the spouse, parents, siblings and children in brackets [  ] when we were able to find them in another source. Other sources include Andover Vital Records, Andover Cemetery Inscriptions, “Andover Memorials,” US Censuses for Andover and the Social Security Death Index. In some cases where we were reasonably sure of a date or other data, but could not verify it, we may have entered that data followed by a question mark.


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Abbott  Allie P. Abbott, Andrew Abbott, Cecil G. Abbott, Fred N. Abbott, Henry Abbott, Lyman A. Abbott, Marietta Frederika Frye Abbott, Marion (Waterhouse) Abbott   Sidney F. Abbott, Stephen C. Abbot, Thomas Parker Abbott

Adams Charles H. Adams, Emma (Sellew) Adams

Akers  Agnes (Conrad) Akers, Annie S. Akers, Annie (Andrews) Akers, Arthur Akers, Bernard C. Akers, Carroll Akers, Chris B. Akers, Clarence Edward Akers, Cora M. (Cutting) Akers, Edward Lincoln Akers, Elaine (Gammon) Akers, Frank Edgar Akers, Fred Henry Akers, Gardner Akers, George C. Akers, Guy L. Akers, Harriet F. (Learned) Akers, Irving W. Akers, John Edward Akers Katherine (Williamson) Akers, Leslie Akers, Lewis Crockett Akers, Lucetta D.(Howard) Akers, Lucien Akers, Merle E. Akers, Melvin Akers, Minnie (Pawe) Akers, Nathan D. Akers, Olive (Field) Akers, Ralph G. Akers, Robert W. Akers, Victor H. Akers, Winthrop N. Akers

Aldrich, Editha (Glover) Aldrich

Allen  Albert E. Allen, Cora A. (Hanson) Allen, Merna M. (Hutchins) Allen, Royder Allen

Anderson Dorothy (Hall) Anderson

Andrews  Charles A. Andrews, Georgie (Howard) Andrews

Arnold  Lucy (Morton) Arnold

Arsenault  Dorothy J. (LeBlond) Arsenault, Flora Arsenault, Joseph A. Arsenault, Joyce (Sennett) Arsenault

Austin Judith Austin

Averill  Alice L. (Milton) Averill, Alvin L. Averill, Benjamin G. Averill, George L. Averill, Jr., George Linwood Averill, Harland Averill, Howard H. Averill, L. Myrtle (Dunn) (Cutting) Averill, Maud Averill, Susan Verna (Farrington) Averill


Bailey  Clarence H. Bailey, Edmund M. Bailey, Emma (Perkins) Bailey, Florence (Cummings) Bailey, Frances Mae (Nichols) Bailey, John L. Bailey, Lavina Bailey, Robert W. Bailey, Sadie M. Bailey, Sarah Jane Bailey, Walter L. Bailey, Winifred (Abbott) Bailey

Baker  Calvin E. Baker, Dorothy A. Baker, Edward S. [Ned] Baker

Barker Captain Frederick C. Barker

Barlow  Vivian Mary (Eagle) Barlow

Barnes  Emma M. (Head) Barnes, M. Abbie Barnes, Walter N. Barnes

Barrell Alonzo Barrell

Barrett  Fred Barrett (1908), Fred S. Barrett (1963), Fred S. Barrett (2006)

Bartlett, Edith Margaret Bartlett, Fanny Bartlett, Fred H. Bartlett

Barton Francena Barton

Bayle  William Bayle

Beatson  Cynthia Ellen (Cabral) Beatson

Bedell  Arthur E. Bedell, Elijah Bedell, Freeman W. Bedell, Malvina (Dresser) Bedell

Belanger  Yves Belanger

Bell  Albert W. Bell, Cecelia (Hyland) Bell, Evelyn (Wilbur) (Gurshick) Bell, Sadie Rose (Bachelder) Bell

Bemis  Charles Sumner Bemis, Henry J. Bemis

Bennett,,Erma (Perkins) Bennett, Glentwood Bennett

Benson  Ellen Frances (Dresser) Benson

Bernard  Donna L. Bernard

Berry  Albert Berry, Isora (Sweatt) Berry, Iva (Noble) Berry, Rebecca Berry, Walter Boyd Berry

Billings  Christopher Billings

Blanchard  Victorine Blanchard

Blood  Erlon N. Blood

Bodwell  David H. Bodwell, Dora (Dean) Bodwell, Ebenezer Bodwell, Esther (Finnigan) Bodwell, Eva (Damon) Bodwell, Flora (Hewey) Bodwell, Harold F. Bodwell, Herschel H. Bodwell, Ira M. Bodwell, Marion H. (Robinson) Bodwell, Neal D. Bodwell, Neal W. Bodwell, Ray Fremont Bodwell

Bolduc  Royal H. Bolduc, Yvonne B. (Fecteau) Bolduc

Boulter  Gladys (Pratt) Boulter

Bowers  Janet (Swift) (Hutchins) Bowers

Bragg Clara Celeste(Hall) Bragg, Emma (Kimball) Bragg, Ingalls Bragg

Brickett Horace Brickett

Briggs  Alden A. Briggs, Gwendolyn  (McGinnis) Briggs

Brochu  Rowena (Marston) Brochu

Brooks  Alton Brooks

Brown  Doris (Morton) Brown

Broomhall  Patricia (Deanis) Broomhall

Buck  Floyd R. Buck, Irene S. (Wood) Buck,  Mervin E. Buck

Burditt  Charles W. Burditt, Dana W. Burditt, Gertrude (Brimigion) Burditt, Henry Oscar Burditt, Mary Newhall Burditt

Burgess  Florence (Akers) Burgess

Burgi  Perry E. Burgi

Burke William E. Burke

Burnham  Charles E. Burnham, Sr.



Cabot  Major Stephen Cabot

Caldwell  Frederick Caldwell, John F. Caldwell, Viola Caldwell

Campbell  Alva Campbell, Amos Campbell, Annie (Wood) Campbell, Arlow Campbell, Charles Nelson Campbell, Daniel B. Campbell, Dorothy (Young) Campbell, Ellen (Stewart) Campbell, Francis B. Campbell, Frank Learned Campbell, Gertrude D. (Bragg) Campbell, Herbert F. Campbell, Kingsbury Nathaniel Campbell, Louella (Lancaster) Campbell, Octavia (Bragg) Campbell

Capponi  Arlene (Conant) Capponi

Carey  Mabel (Foye) Carey, Alfred Carey

Carpenter  Abbie F. Carpenter

Carter  David S. Carter

Cartland Abbie Cartland

Carver Herbert Carver, James Carver, Willa C. (Spidell) Carver

Cayer Adelard G. Cayer

Chaisson  Myra E. Chaisson, Philip R. Chaisson

Chandler  Alfred D. Chandler Jr., Harriet (Freeman) Chandler, William R. Chandler

Chapman Charlotte M. (Poor) Chapman

Chase Bessie E. Chase, George R. Chase, Helen M. (DeRoche) Chase

Chastanet  Dr. Alan Arthur Chastanet

Chenery  Elwin H, Chenery, Jeanette T. Chenery, Wilbur H. Chenery

Clark  Arthur Edward Clark, Edward L. Clark, Nina A. (Hall) Clark, Rose (Hewey) Clark, Samuel E. Clark, Thelma (Poor) Clark

Cloutier  Sally A. (Deanis) Cloutier

Coburn  Alice H. (Perry) Coburn, Charles H. Coburn, Edward Coburn

Colby  Addie (Barrett) Colby, Genevieve R. (Emery) Colby, Pauline M. (Crooker) Colby, Sarah Colby, Willard P. Colby

Cole  Archer C. Cole, Arthur W. Cole, Sr. Kate E. (Marston) Cole, Virgil W. Cole, William Cole

Concus Nestor Concus

Conrad  Grant Conrad, Daniel M. Conrad

Coolidge  Elton R. Coolidge, Marion (Silver) Coolidge

Corkum  Mary Jackson Corkum

Corson  Mary M. (Cutting) Corson

Coulling  Matilda (Hall) Coulling

Cowan  Mertie (Wyman) Cowan

Cox   Daniel L. Cox, Kayla A. Cox, Rev. Wilbur E. Cox

Cronin  Laurence E. Cronin

Crocker Alice (Learned) Crocker

Crooker  Calvin B. Crooker, Sr., Calvin B. Crooker, Jr.,  George F. Crooker, Maria (Barker) Crooker, Mary (Jank) Crooker, William A. Crooker, Sr.

Crossman  Albert B. Crossman, Francis Albert Crossman, Nora (Field) Crossman

Crowley  Bettina F. (Henry) Crowley

Cuff  Michael S. Cuff

Cummings  Athalie (Sweatt) Cummings, Mabel F. (Hewey) Cummings

Curato Adelia (Meisner) Curato

Curtis  Helen (Keene) Curtis

Cushing  Edgar Cushing, Edith (Bryant) Cushing, Malcolm B. Cushing, Malcolm P. Cushing, Marjorie (Lowe) Cushing, Michael D. Cushing, William F. Cushing, Sr.

Cushman  Barbara A. Cushman, Charles E. Cushman, Mary Cushman

Cutting  Charles A. Cutting (d. 1926), Charles A. Cutting (d.1993), David Homer Cutting, E. Milton Cutting, George M. Cutting, Hattie Morse Cutting, Ida Elizabeth (Warren) Cutting ,Nettie (Cook) Cutting, Wallace A. Cutting, William W. Cutting


Damon  Burt D. Damon, Bessie (Dunn) Damon, Ella (Mitchell) Damon, Harold Damon, Llewellyn R. Damon, Oscar Damon, Reta E. (Porter) Damon, Robert L. Damon

Deane  Percy Ellis Deane

Deanis  Gerald S. Deanis, Joseph R. Deanis, Leslie (Bean) Deanis, Randall L. Deanis,

DeLong   Charles DeLong, Margaret Alfreda DeLong, Mina (Stevens) DeLong, Sylvanus B. DeLong

Doggett  Evelyn S. (Richards) Doggett

Dolloff  Laura (Miller) Dolloff

Dorion, Edmond P. Dorion

Dowe Leon K. Dowe

Downs  Sandra A. Downs

Dresser  Beatrice (Warren) (Reed) Dresser, Charles A. Dresser, Elmer F, Dresser, Elsie M. (Sedgeley) Dresser, Everett M. Dresser, Frances (Merrill) Dresser, Frederick S. Dresser, Lincoln Dresser, Margaret (or Marguerite) Dresser,  Martha (Merrill Dresser

Dubois  Michael P. Dubois

Dufault Napoleon Dufault

Duguay  Rose (Rowe) (McColloch) Duguay

Dunlap  Charles F. Dunlap

Dunn  Bert Dunn, Frances E. (Lane) Dunn, George H. Dunn, Helen (Thomas) Dunn, Henry W. Dunn, Howard George Dunn, Lucinda (Marston) Dunn , Thomas Dunn

Dunning  Howard H. Dunning, Jean E. (Tennant) Dunning, Nellie (Foye) Dunning

Duran  Norman E. Duran

Dyer  Clifford E. Dyer, Ernest J. Dyer         


Ellingwood  Freeman A. Ellingwood, Harold Ellingwood

Elliot/Elliot  Arabella M. Elliot, Dorothy D. (Howard) Elliot, Jesse Elliot, Matthew Elliot, Muriel M. (Bennett) Elliot

Ellis  Elva M. (Lohnes) Ellis, George H. Ellis, Sylvia (Poor) Ellis, William A. Ellis

Emerson Floyd R. Emerson, Fred Emerson, Marguerite O. (Campbell) Emerson

Emery  Marilyn (Judkins) Emery

Entin  Leonard P. Entin

Ernst  Lillis Alice Ernst/Ernest


Fairbanks  Jessie (Brooks) (McKellick) Fairbanks

Falkenham  Blandine (Knox) Falkenham, Harold G. “Buster” Falkenham, Joseph Lee Falkenham, Rena (Hutchins) Falkenham

Farren  Richard B. Farren

Farrar  Edith (Bailey) Farrar, Phyllis A. (Strong) (Rix) Farrar, Richard H. Farrar

Farrington  Gloria Farrington, James Francis Farrington, James Mervin Farrington, John Everett Farrington, John H. Farrington, Lester M. Farrington, Lila B. (Murphy) Farrington, Muriel (Leach) Farrington, Nellie J. Farrington, Olney Farrington

Farwell  Robert W. Farwell

Faulkingham  Marie T. (Keyo) Faulkingham

Favreau  Beatrice M. (Crete) Favreau

Feener  Addie (Dunn) Feener, Arvilla (Meisner) Feener, Kenneth W. Feener, Wilbert S. Feener

Ferguson  Norman K. Ferguson, Jr.

Ferren Frank Ferren

Field  Esther (Strout) Field, Malvina Field

Filiault  Ramona R. (Morton) Filiault

Fisher  Betsy (Poor) Fisher

Fitzherbert  Dorothy (Ladd) Fitzherbert

Fitzpatrick  Eugene B. Fitzpatrick, Nettie Mae (Freeman) Fitzpatrick

Flagler/Flaglor  James C. Flaglor, Jane/Jennie Flagler

Foye  Viola (Stevens) Foye

Fox  Anne (O’Leary) Fox, Bertha (Poor) Fox,George B. Fox,  George. W. Fox, Hazel (Mills) Fox, John B. Fox, Mary (Poor) Fox, Merton H. Fox, Stanley P. Fox

Fraser  Allan M. Fraser, Georgie A. (Marston) Fraser, Violet (Vienot) Fraser

Frazier  Dean R. Frazier, Harold L. Frazier

French  Eliza (Sellew) French, Fred C. French, Sr., Jennie M. (Mitchell) French John A. French, Lydia Frances French, Mabel E. French, R. Donald French, Tom French

Fyrberg  Clay Fyrberg, Glenn Fyrberg, Roland C. Fyrberg


Gagnon  Adolph Gagnon, Raymond P. Gagnon

Gammon  Chester M. Gammon, Kevin Ira Gammon, Warren E. Gammon

Gallant  Alcide “Buster” Gallant

Gaul Lawrence M. Gaul

Gestaut  William Geataut

Gibbs  Harold J. “Harry” Gibbs, John M. Gibbs, Viola (Meisner) Gibbs

Gilbert  Mindy Kaye (McElmurry) Gilbert

Giles  Sadie A. (Akers) Giles

Gill  Catherine A. Gill, Patricia Gill, William H. Gill, Jr.

Glines  David A. Glines, Edith Jeanette Glines, Grace (Mitchell) Glines

Glover  Bernice (Abbott) Glover, Ella (Ladd) Glover,Gary John Glover, Harold E. Glover, Harriet (Parkman) Glover, Howard M. Glover, Isabell (Farrar) Glover, Jesse A. Glover, John Henry Glover, Loren Glover, Lula P. (Bradeen) Glover,  Minnie (Walker) Glover, Winnifred (Learned) Glover

Goding Flodilla (Bryant) Goding

Goodridge  Harry F. Goodridge

Goodwin  Eola (Hewey) Goodwin, Helena P. “Nina” (Turner) Goodwin, James A. Goodwin

Gordon  Abel Gordon, Frank E. Gordon, Nellie (Marston) Gordon

Gosselin  Amanda A. (Belanger) Gosselin

Grebinier  Jon B. Garbinier

Grace  Minerva (Pratt) Grace

Graffam William H. Graffam

Graham  Robert A. Graham, Ruth A. (Packard) Graham

Elian Garmanovich

Greenlaw/Greenlow  Dorothy (Buck) (Abbott) Greenlaw, Frederic W. Greenlaw

Greenleaf  Moses Greenleaf

Gregg  Elizabeth Gregg, Frances Ann Gregg, Helen Gregg, Malcolm Gregg

Greig  David O. Greig, Louise (Gleason) Greig

Grover  Angie E. Grover, Bertha (Howe) Grover, Fred Grover, Lettie (Marston) Grover, Louisa Dunlap Grover,  Scott H. Grover


Hall  Bertha (Richards) Hall, Celinda G. (Marston) Hall, Clarence A. Hall,  Florence C. Hall, Hannah E. “Lizzie” Hall, Hervey Hall, James M. Hall, James N. Hall, Josiah F. Hall, Judith Faye (Doyen) Hall, Llewellyn R. Hall, Richard Hall, Livermore Russell Hall, Lois Pearl (Small) Hall, Louis R. Hall I, Louis R. Hall III, Margaret Ann Hall, Martha A. Hall, Mary (Akers) Hall, Russell Newton Hall, Sadie E. (Hodsdon) Hall

Haney Roberta (Abbott) Haney

Hannaford  Orlando Hannaford

Hansen  Joshua R. Hansen

Hanson  Adaline (Akers) Hanson, Burton F. Hanson, Charlotte B. (Bixby) Hanson, Hannah Hanson, Ida (Akers) Hanson, Margaret Hanson, Marjorie M. (Thurston) Hanson ,

Walter L. Hanson

Harding Joel Augustus Harding

Hardy  Hazel Lucille (Holman) Hardy

Harris William M. Harris

Hastings  Betsey Hastings, Timothy Hastings

Hayden  Freeman R. Hayden

Hazelton  Ella (Learned) Hazelton

Head  Olive (Akers) Head

Heard  Annie J. (Hewey) Heard

Helm  William F. Helm

Hewey  Alma (Grover) Hewey, Elsie Pearl (Flint) Hewey, Janet K. Hewey, John F. Hewey, John K, Hewey, Luther Merrill Hewey, Martha Ellen (Porter) Hewey, Orian F. Hewey, Ralph K. Hewey, Robert Hewey, Sarah E. (Pulsifer) Hewey

Hilton  Beryl (Campbell) Hilton, Edna (Roberts) Hilton, Lindon E. Hilton

Hines  James G. Hines, Minnie (White) Hines

Hodgdon Gardner Hodgdon,

Hodgkins  Arvilla Hodgkins

Hodgman  Charles W. Hodgman

Hodsdon  Allyson R. Hodsdon, Edgar F. Hodsdon, Joel H. Hodsdon, Kate (Rand) Hodsdon, Lula D. Hodsdon, Millie F. (Newton) Hodsdon

Hoffman  Helen (Poor) Hoffman

Holbrook  Hannah (Stanwood) Holbrook

Holman  Clayton B. Holman, William Holman

Holt  Adelaide (Proctor) Holt, Freeman C. Holt, Lewis M. Holt, Llewellyn B. Holt, R. Lillian Holt

Howard  Archie H. Howard, Della M. (Thurston) Howard, Floyd O. Howard, Marshall A. Howard, Mary A. (Glover) Howard, Nellie G. (Barrett) Howard

Howe  Mrs. Wallace Howe

Hoyt Emma Hoyt, Henry Hoyt, Nellie (Learned) Hoyt, Philip Hoyt

Hutchins  Althea (Richards) Hutchins, Archer E. Hutchins, Basil C. Hutchins, Bernard A. Hutchins, Bert B. Hutchins, Carlton Hutchins, Dorothy V. (Leach) (Hall) Hutchins, Edward Hutchins (d. 1924), Edward E. Hutchins (d. 1965), Eunice Hutchins, Eva (Gerrish) Hutchins, Everett Wesley Hutchins, Fred B. Hutchins, Fred F. Hutchins, Georgie (McAllister) Hutchins, George W. Hutchins, Gertrude (Bemis) Hutchins, H.E. Hutchins, Henry C. Hutchins, Herbert H. Hutchins, Persis (Cutting) Hutchins, Raymond Hutchins, Susie A. (Poor) Hutchins

I, J

Irish  Frances Mae Irish


Jackson  Eva (Guy) Jackson

Jacobs  Charles E. Jacobs

Jaros  Charles J. Jaros, Jr.

Jenne  Albert A. Jenne

Jodrey  Alice (Cole) Jodrey, Amy L. (Averill) Jodrey, Bertha M. (Tyler) Jodrey, Charles E. Jodrey, John W. Jodrey, Sr., Kenneth W. Jodrey, Marjorie P. “Mardy” (Campbell) Jodrey, Sidney A. Jodrey, Walter L. Jodrey

Jones  Eldora G. Jones, Sidney J. Jones

Jordan  Algernon S. Jordan, Ida Jordan

Judkins  Mildred (York) Judkins

Justard  Gordon R. Justard


Katalinas Walter R. Katalinas

Keene  Elizabeth (Jordan) Keene

Keith  Frank C. Keith

Keyes  Rev. George W. M. Keyes, Idella M. (Graffam) Keyes

Kilgore  Lucy (York) Kilgore, Willis H. Kilgore

Kimball Helen (Berry) Kimball

Kingsbury  Carl M. Kingsbury, Caroline (Wood) Kingsbury

Klein  Janet (Veinot) Klein

Knox  Herbert E. Knox

Kraft  Florence M. (Brown) Kraft


Ladd  Alfred D. Ladd, David A. Ladd, Edith R. (Leach) Ladd , George M. Ladd

Lang  Arthur L. Lang, Dorothy E. Lang, Marie (Elliot) Lang, Marion (Poor) Lang

Lapham  Vervion Lapham

Laughlin William Laughlin

Leach, Roy Tompkins Leach

Leadbetter  Eunice I. (Holley) Leadbetter

Learned  Alfred H. Learned, Alma (Palmer) Learned, Charles S. Learned, C. Thomas Learned, Ellen (Morse) Learned, Flora L. Learned, Florence A. (Marston) Learned, Florence Ann (Thomas) Learned, George Eben Learned, George R. Learned, Kenneth H. Learned, Laura (Newton) Learned, Lillian (Pilgrim) Learned, Louise (Morse) Learned, Lucinda S. (Keough) Learned, Madeleine Learned, Margaret (Learned) Learned, Marguerite Learned, Mary Learned, Myrtie (Brooks) Learned, Peter W. Learned (d. 1926), Peter W. Learned (d. 1960), Ray W. Learned, Roberta (Thurston) Learned, Simon G. Learned, Sylvanus Learned, Timothy H. Learned, William Learned, Wilma Learned

Libby  George A. Libby, Sr., Mary A. Libby

Lindeman  Brock Lindeman, Bronson Lindeman

Littlehale  Clifford Littlehale, Edward S. Littlehale, Ellis F. Littlehale,  Hannah (Marston) Littlehale, James B. Littlehale, James W. Littlehale, Learned G. Littlehale, Sr., Leslie N. Littlehale, Madeline P. (Sawyer) Littlehale, Natalie I. (Glover) Littlehale, Ray W. Littlehale

Lohnes  Hanson E. “Hank” Lohnes, James I. Lohnes, Robert W. Lohnes, Sarah (Andrews) (Ladd) Lohnes

Lowe  Harry Lowe

Lovejoy  Emma (Averill) Lovejoy, Florence A. Lovejoy, Henry B. Lovejoy, Martha S. Lovejoy, Olie Lovejoy, Philip A. Lovejoy, Rebecca (Davis) Lovejoy, Wirt Lovejoy

Lozier  Theresa M. (Theriault) Lozier

Luce  Catherine E. (Gerrish) Luce


MacKinnon  Thelma K. (Roberts) MacKinnon

MacKnight  Dr. Teresa (Royer) MacKnight

MacLean Yvonne A. (Lariviere) MacLean

MacLeod  E. Faye (Dresser) MacLeod, Robert C. MacLeod

Maddix Mae (Farrington) (Chenery) Maddix, Sherman F. Maddix

Mailloux  Michael M. Mailloux

Mansfield  Marion (Learned) Mansfield, Richard R. Mansfield

Manzer  Arthur H. Manzer, Sr, Francis L. Manzer, Gertrude Manzer.

Marston  Abbie (Littlehale) Marston, Angelina P. (Turgeon) Marston, Ann Matilda (West) Marston, Byard E. Marston, Cedric W. Marston, Charles Harding Marston, Charles W. Marston, Sr., Charles W. Marston, Jr., David H. Marston, Estelle C. (Poor) Marston, Eva (Andrews) Marston, Geraldine (Batchelder) Marston, Henry Claude Marston, Herman W. Marston, Howard W. Marston, Ida M. (Cutting) Marston, John W. Marston, Leander Marston, Lillian Marston, Michael G. Marston, Patricia A. (Green) Marston, Roscoe F. Marston, Samuel Marston, Walter E. Marston, Warren T. Marston

Martin  Helen (Hall) Martin

Mayberry  Arnold E. Mayberry

McAlister/McAllister  Annie C. McAllister, Frank D. McAllister, Richard McAlister

McDougall  Laurel (Arnold) McDougall, William H. McDougall

McEwen  Charles M. McEwen, Florena (Cole) McEwen, Mattie (Cutting) McEwen

McGuire  Harvey C. McGuire, Katherine (Hutchins) McGuire, Marjorie (Holt) McGuire, Roger McGuire

McInnis  Faye (Mitchell) McInnis

Mecham  Ismay (Roberts) (White) (Hutchins) Mecham

Meisner Abbie (Hodsdon) Meisner, Barbara (Pratt) Meisner, Clyde Freeman Meisner, Edith A. (Bellows) Meisner, George N. Meisner, Helen (Fuller) Meisner, Kerry J. Meisner, Lillian G. (Robar) Meisner, Louisa K. Meisner, Mary (Morse) Meisner, Reginald Meisner, Stephen A. Meisner

Melcher  Maude (Merrill) Melcher

Merchant  Doris E. (Marston) Merchant, Edith Merchant

Merrick Alice (Gregg) Merrick

Merrill  Ada Merrill, Dr. Alfred P. Merrill, Annie (Green) Merrill, Avery Merrill, C. Allison Merrill, Charles Allen Merrill, Charles A. Merrill, Charlotte Merrill, Effie (Akers) Merrill, Elwin L. Merrill, Emma (Wyman) Merrill, Erlon W. Merrill, Ethelene (Silver) Merrill, Eugene L. Merrill, Fred H. Merrill, George F. Merrill, Guy F. Merrill, Harry W. Merrill, Jessie (Morton) Merrill, Mabel (Holman) Merrill, Oliver Merrill, Sarah (Emery) Merrill, Waldo E. Merrill, Walter Merrill

Metevier  Robert Joseph Metevier

Michaud  Armand Michaud, Jim Michaud

Miller  Alice (Averill) Miller, Eugene A. Miller, Frinda M. (Gordon) Miller, Gordon F. Miller

Mills Dora M. (Towne) Mills, Henry A. Mills, Isaac E. Mills, Louise (Akers) Mills, Roger H. Mills, Sr.

Milton  Agnes P. (Talbot) Milton, Althea (Poor) Milton, Fred A. Milton, Frederick Roger Milton, Robert Leslie Milton, Robert Wentworth Milton, Sarah Ann Milton, Virginia (Record) Milton, William Milton

Mitchell  Edith (Merrill) Mitchell, Horatio Mitchell, William Mitchell

Moody  Joshua Moody

Mooney  Andrew Mooney, Daniel F. Mooney, Emma G. Mooney, Mathias P. Mooney

Moore  Betty Ann (Schneider) Moore, Sam F. Moore

Morgan  Charles H. Morgan, Faith Gail Morgan, Helen B. (Learned) Morgan

Morton Adelia (Hanson) Morton, Carrie (Robinson) Morton, Dora (Hutchins) Morton, Eldwin J. Morton, Ezra Morton, Fred H. Morton, George H. Morton, Guy C. Morton, Harvey Morton, Henry Morton, Herbert H. Morton,  Hugh L. Morton, Joel F. Morton, Joseph H. Morton, Lewis Morton, Sr., Otis E. Morton, Sr., Richard Morton, Virginia (Jodrey) Morton

Moulton Ronica (Goodwin) Moulton

Mulvaney  Christine S. (Frazier) Mulvaney

Myers  Bertha (Meisner) Myers

Myshrall  Arthur E. Myshrall, Ephram E. Myshrall, Neil E. Myshrall,  


Nevel  Wallace D. Nevel, Frances (McHugh) Nevel

Newcomb  Lewis “Danny” Newcomb

Newhall, Gertrude (Dresser) Newhall, Jennie Reeves Newhall

Newton  Charles M. Newton, Clarence B. Newton, Eunice Catherine (Cutting) Newton, Frank H. Newton, Fred P. Newton, George Newton, Huldah Hortense (Whittemore) Newton, James L. Newton, Jennie (Morton) Newton) John D. Newton, John O. Newton,  Mark T. Newton,  Mary Laura (Field) Newton, Mary (Lowe) Newton

Noble  Mary E. Noble

Noyes  Ann M. Noyes

Nuppula  A. Marie (Solberg) Nuppula, K. William Nuppula


O, P

Oldham  Helena (Robinson) Oldham

O’Leary  Lois (Parkman) O’Leary

Osborne Isabella (Merrill) (Duswold) (Andrews) Osborne

O’ Shea  Violet H. O’Shea

Ottignon  Joshua Francis Ottignon

Page  Dennis F. Page

Paine  Blanchard K. Paine

Palmer  Amelia R. (Marston) Palmer, Claude S. Palmer, Dorothy Dawn “Dee-Dee” Palmer, Glendon G. Palmer, Jr., James H. Palmer, James O. Palmer, Maurice E. Palmer, Merton A. Palmer, Stanley Palmer

Parkman  Shirley E. (White) Parkman

Parsons  Alys (Grua) Parsons, Laurence H. Parsons, Olive G. (Akers) Parsons, Raymond Parsons

Patenode Grace (Gibbs) Patenode

Pawe  Irma (Cutting) Pawe), William C. Pawe

Peaslee  Charlotte (West) Peaslee, Gregory Jon Peaslee II, Pearl I. (Parks) Peaslee

Penney  Dale E. Penney

Percival  Gertrude (Stowell) Percival, Warren E. Percival

Perkins  Albert Perkins,Claude A. Perkins, Etta (Glover) Perkins, Henry T. Perkins, John Perkins, Mary Perkins, Merton W. Perkins, Rose Perkins, Vard M. Perkins, William W. Perkins

Perry  Florence E. (Holt) Perry, Nellie M. (Milton) Perry

Philbrick  Arthur A. Philbrick, Charles Philbrick, George W. Philbrick, Josiah B. Philbrick,  Rachel (Bragdon) Philbrick, Sarah (Perkins) Philbrick, Sidney Philbrick

Phister  Eunice (Jameson) (Fox) Phister, Lispenard B. Phister

Pingree  Arthur S. Pingree

Plantier  Richard B. Plantier

Plourde Winnifred (Grover) Plourde

Poisson Wilfred Joseph Poisson

Poor  Abbie (Barker) Poor, Agnes Blake Poor, Annie (Thomas) Poor, Archer D. Poor, Sr., Arthur Poor, Asenath (Marston) Poor, Catherine (Jordan) Poor, Charles O. Poor, Charles T. Poor, Eben Akers Poor, Edwin Poor, Frances S. (DeLong) Poor, Harry M. Poor, Henry L. Poor, Henry V. Poor (d. 1905), Henry Varnum Poor (d. 1931), Henry W. Poor (d. 1913), Henry William Poor (d. 1915), J. Harold Poor, John A. Poor, John B. “Jack” Poor, Josephine C. Poor, Lister E. Poor, Lizzie (Richards) Poor, Penelope “Penny” Poor, Sophie B. Poor, Susie (Goodwin) Poor, Sylvanus Poor, Teresa E. Poor, William Poor

Porter  Agnes D. (Roberts) Porter, Dora (Robinson) Porter, Frank A. Porter, Frank C. Porter, Harold E. Porter, H. Clinton Porter, Leonard A. Porter, Lillian (Harding) Porter, Mark W. Porter, May A. (Goodwin) Porter

Potter  Eleanor B. Potter, Rev. Linwood C. Potter

Powell  Carroll W. Powell, Louise (Hewey) Powell

Pratt  Edward J. Pratt, Mary E. (Stevens) Pratt, Sadie (Learned) Pratt

Q, R

Radcliff Edgar G. Radcliff

Rafuse  Marie (Morgan) Rafuse

Ramey  Guy Ramey

Rand  Clarence Albert Rand, Dorothy R. (Donald) Rand, Edward N. Rand, Ezra. D. Rand, Howard W. Rand, Miriam (Winslow) Rand, Samuel P. Rand

Reed  Douglas H. Reed, J. Hylan Reed, Theodore M. Reed, Jr., Theodore M. Reed, Sr.

Reiss  William Reiss

Remington  Daniel B. Remington, Jr., Edward R. Remington, Francis E. Remington, Jr., Ruth E. (Hutchins) Remington, Stanley W. Remington

Renfrew Rev. James Renfrew

Rice Burnham Rice

Rich  Louise Dickinson Rich, Ralph E. Rich

Richard  Maurice A. Richard, Paul E. Richard

Richards  Alton  E. Richards, David Alton Richards, David P. Richards, Elizabeth (Baker) Richards, George C. Richards, H. Frank Richards, Harold Richards, Homer R. Richards, Sr., Homer R. Richards, Jr., Ida M. (Cutting) Richards, M. Marguerite Richards, Stephen A. Richards, Stephen Sheridan Richards, Stephen Wallace Richards

Richardson  Bobby T. Richardson, Haley Rae Richardson, John F. Richardson, Sr., John F. Richardson, Jr.

Ricker  Janet Ricker

Riggs  Christine (Conti) Riggs

Ripley  Charles L. Ripley, J. Lyman Ripley, Helen (West) Ripley)

Rivard  Jessie A. (Manzer) Rivard

Roberts  Arthur Roberts, Charlotte Cutting Roberts, Clyde A. Roberts, Colby A. Roberts, Gertrude (Barrett) Roberts,  Glennice M. (Silver) Roberts, Grace A. (Rand) Roberts, Harry Roberts, John Roberts, Kate E. (Cutting) Roberts, Kenneth E. Roberts, Lena Roberts, Margaret L. (Jodrey) Roberts,  Mary (Potter) Roberts, Mildred C. Roberts, Mona L. Roberts, Philip Roberts, Viola L. (Cole) Roberts, Whitney M. Roberts

Robinson  Lucien Robinson, Susan (Kimball) Robinson, Walter Robinson

Robin Floris Robin

Rolfe  Emma E. (Hanson) Rolfe

Rouse  Jean L. Rouse

Rousseau  Marcel Rousseau

Roy Mary Ida (Shepherd) Roy

Ryan  Ada (Eaton) Ryan


Salisbury Virginia (Glover) Salisbury
Schachter  Gerald Z. Schachter

Schneider  Blanche B. (Crooker) Schneider

Schroeder  Arthur L. Schroeder

Sciaraffa  Luella (Gallant) Sciaraffa

Scott  Callie (Akers) (Dresser) Scott

Searle  Floyd Searle

Seaward Joleen (Reed) Seaward

Sennett  Charlotte M. (White) Sennett, Elizabeth A. (Meisner) Sennett, Essie G. (Hodsdon) Sennett, James M. Sennett, Sr., James M. Sennett, Jr.

Serafin  Mary Louise (Hall) Serafin

Shields  James P. Shields

Sidelinger  Florence (Noyes) Sidelinger

Silver  Kenneth L. Silver, Vivian (Learned) Silver

Simmons  Avis (Perkins) Simmons, David F. Simmons, F. Grace (Roberts) Simmons, Jessie R. (Enman) Simmons, William H. Simmons, William K. Simmons, Jr.

Small  Cora (Learned) Small, Herschel S. Small, Lyman D. Small, Noble Small, Perley P. Small

Smith  David Smith, Sr., Edith (Sleeper) Smith, Edna (Armstrong) Smith, Eugene Francis Smith, Frank Smith, Gertrude (Hewey) Smith, Joe Smith, Margaret (Sharpe) (Meisner) Smith, Mary L. Smith, Owen P. Smith, William B. Smith, Jr.

Spaulding  Lillian A. (Swan) Spaulding

Spidell  Alonzo E. Spidell, Avard F. Spidell, Eva A. (Crooker) Spidell, Evelyn Spidell, Howard E. Spidell, Omer A. Spidell, Rena A. (Bodwell) Spidell, Ruth A. (Stewart/Beck/Proof?) Spidell, Ruth Ellen (Hall) Spidell

Standeven  Natashia Lyn Standeven

Stanwood Dr. Albert L. Stanwood

Staples  Hildreth Staples, Laura (Hutchins) Staples, Ruth Staples

Stearns  Stephen E. Stearns

Stecher  Donald A. Stecher

Stevens  Arthur J. Stevens, Evelyn (Elliot) Stevens, Margaret Stevens

Stuart  Edward C. “Doc” Stuart

Stinson  Ralph P. Stinson, Sr.

Stowell  Dexter M. Stowell, George P. Stowell, Jr., Tressa A. (Milton) Stowell, William R. Stowell

John Strachnicks

Summerton   James A. Summerton, Ralph E. Summerton

Suter  Hales W. Suter, Helen (Jenkins) Suter, John W. Suter

Swain  Loring R. Swain, Lucie (Morse) Swain, Robert B, Swain, Robert J. Swain,Violet (Peters) Swain

Swan  Elizabeth (French) Swan

Swasey  John Bradbury Swasey, Muriel “Jean” [Heggeman] Swasey

Sweatt  Carroll Sweatt, Chester H. Sweatt, Clara E. Sweatt, Clayton C. Sweatt, Jessie (Cooper) Sweatt, Minnie E. (French) Sweatt, Wendell A. Sweatt

Swett  Alice (Poor) Swett

Sylvester  Walter E. Sylvester, Sr., Myrtie Jane (Sheltry) Sylvester



Talbot Emma Talbot, Georgie E. Talbot, John F. Talbot, Mary Poor Talbot, William H. Talbot

Taylor  Eugene Moses Taylor

Theriault  Linda M. (Farrington) Theriault

Thomas Albert W. Thomas, Anne Thomas, Carl Thomas, Dorothy Thomas, Eliza Ella (Hewey) Thomas, Fernando Thomas, Frank P. Thomas, Fred F. Thomas, George P. Thomas, Harry M. Thomas, Herbert A. Thomas, Marjorie (Burgess) Thomas, Paul W. Thomas

Thompson William Thompson

Thurlow  Emerson Thurlow

Thurston  Alice (Bedell) Thurston, Anna H. Thurston, Delbert L. Thurston, Emily M. (Lohnes) Thurston, Emma F. Thurston, Eva (Snell) Thurston, Everett R. Thurston, Frank R. Thurston, Ivy E. Thurston, Jeffrey M. Thurston, Lester M. Thurston, Lillie A. (Thomas) Thurston, Marna (Stevens) Thurston, Mary (Glover) Thurston, Ralph D. Thurston, Ray W. Thurston, Rex L. Thurston, Roger L. Thurston, Young A. Thurston

Titus  Susan (Mills) Titus

Toth  Wilmer Toth

Touchette  Theresa L. Touchette

Trafton  Jesse B. Trafton

Trainor  Paul F. Trainor

Trine  Lewis Edward Trine, Mildred Mary (Dubois) Trine

Truitt  Roscoe G. (Rocky) Truitt

Tucker  Linwood E. Tucker, Urfred J. (Philbrick) Tucker

Turcotte  Richard J. Turcotte

Tweedie  Helen (Morton) Tweedie

Twitchell  Dr. Z. W. “Walter” Twitchell

Tyler  Nancy C. Tyler

U, V, W

Vaughn   Mary A. (Dolloff) Vaughn

Verrill Ruby (Cutting) Verrill

Violette  Armand A. Violette

Virgin  Illian (Small) Virgin


Walker Irene (Abbott) Walker, Percy A. Walker

Warren  John H. Warren

Wass  Constance B. (Thomas) Wass

Webster  Lillian (Remington) Webster

Weinburg  Joan M. (Beauregard) Weinburg

Wentzell  Madeleine (Abbott) Wentzell, Russell L. Wentzell

West  Asa West, Clara (Manzer) West

Weston  Rick A. Weston

White  Chesley W. White, Edna (Spares) White, Ernest M. White, Sr., Eva Mae (Woodworth) White, Gladys White, Hattie J. White, Helen M. (Worster) White, I. Fulton White, Lester O. White, Margaret Jean (Simmons) White, Matthew S. White, Melvin A. White, Norman H. White

Whiting  Avis M. (Welch) Whiting

Whitten  Arthur H. Whitten, Sr., Arthur H. Whitten, Jr., Flora (Morton) Whitten

Wight  Mary (Stevens) Wight

Williamson Roxie Susanna Williamson

Wilson  Alice V. (Cox) Wilson

Worthley  Florilla (Dorr) Worthley, Leon E. Worthley

Wyman  John Wyman, Lawrence P. Wyman, Jr.

Y, Z

Yates  Augusta B. Yates

York  Chandler L. York, Joseph W. York, Kenneth York, Lizzie (Eaton) York

Young  Claramae (Harvey) Young, Nancy (Bailey) Young

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