Andover Marriage Intentions filed in Rumford, 1801 to 1869

Many Andover residents were married in nearby towns and their marriages were not recorded in the Andover Vital Records. Also, it appears that some births, deaths and marriages in the 19th century were simply not recorded at all. Therefore, we have gone to secondary sources to supplement the gaps in the town's official records.

These marriage intentions were reported in History of Rumford, Oxford County, Maine From its First Settlement in 1779 to the Present Time, by William B. Lapham, Augusta: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1890. They were converted to electronic format by Cheryl Kelso, host of Oxford County, ME USGENWEB project. We thank Cheryl for letting us use them on the Andover Web page. Please be advised that these marriage intentions are secondary sources. We suggest that you use them as a guide to locate the primary sources.

Abbot, Aaron J., of Andover, and Marcia S. Ripley, February 9, 1849

Abbot, Thomas P., of Andover, and Maria H. Newton, August 8, 1856

Adams, Chas. H., of Andover, and Marion V. Reed, Aug. 10, 1867

Adams, Enoch, of E. Andover, and Lydia Moody, of Newbury, 1802

Adams, Enoch Jr., and Lucy Strickland, of E. Andover, March 26, 1807

Adams, John E., and Sally Moody, of E. Andover, Sept. 1824

Adams, Moses, of Andover, and Dorcas Farnum, July 4, 1817

Adams, Nathan Jr., and Susan Merrill of Andover, January 10, 1817

Adams, Wm. 2nd, of Andover, and Lucinda Hall, April 16, 1838

Berry, Joseph, of Andover, and Sarah L. Greenleaf, Feb. 8, 1812

Blake, Benj., of Andover, and Nancy Ripley, Feb. 8, 1812

Bodwell, Samuel B. [Andover], and Sarah J. Bragdon, May 16, 1855

Bragg, James F., of Andover, and Sally Graham, March 21, 1811

Bragg, James I., of Andover, and Julia Ann Hall, May 3, 1843

Crockett, Nathaniel B., of Andover, and Lydia J. Wardwell, July 6, 1850

Delano, Abial, and Sally Martin of Andover, Sept. 4, 1819

Farnum, George J., and Mary S. Bodwell of Andover, Jan. 10, 1833

Farnum, Wm. W., and Rebecca S. Webster of Andover, Feb. 3, 1827

Farrington, James, of Andover, and Melinda Farnum, July 6, 1820

Farrington, Philander, of Andover, and Polly Martin, Feb. 23, 1821

Graham, Joshua, and Hannah Goddard of Andover, Dec. 26, 1825

Hoyt, Gardener G., and Laura C. Lovejoy of Andover, Nov. 30, 1834

Hutchins, David 3d, and Sally Abbot of Andover, July 13, 1817

Hutchins, George H., and Georgie McAlister of Andover, Jan. 5, 1864

Jordan, Amos M., of Andover, and Martha S. Wood, Nov. 26, 1829

Leonard, Geo E., of Andover, and Esther A. Elliot (no date provided - prob 1869)

Morse, Joseph W., of Andover, and Hattie M. Lovejoy, May 6, 1867

Newton, Lambert P , of Andover, and Frances A Howe, March 22, 1854

Parker, Chas D., and Martha M. Small of Andover, March 8, 1861

Philbrook, Henry S., of Andover, and Vienna Howe, Nov 23, 1866

Poor, Edward L., of Andover, and Azubah Farnum, Jan 25, 1817

Poor, Samuel, of Andover, and Asenath Farnum, Jan 26, 1823

Proctor, Chas. A , of Andover, and Calista W. Morey, Aug 3, 1867

Withington, James H., of No. 1, and Sarah Adams of Andover, July 9, 1810

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