Woodlawn Cemetery

         From the center of town, take Main Street/Route 5 south for about one mile and Woodlawn Cemetery will be on the left. Woodlawn Cemetery has been in continuous use from 1801 until the present. Woodlawn Cemetery is spread over several acres, and has three main areas, which were put into use at different times. The streets within the cemetery are logically arranged with the letter streets going east from and perpendicular to Main Street/Route 5 and the numbered avenues going in a north/south direction parallel to Main Street/Route 5.

        A Street starts near the vault and goes at a slight angle to the right. B Street is next, and C Street is the main entrance. D Street, which does not have outside access, is the southern boundary of the cemetery. The numbered avenues start with 1st Avenue closest to Main Street/Route 5, and 5th Avenue close to the back boundary. These streets and avenues are usually  poorly marked, if at all.

        Original Cemetery
        The old part cemetery has burials from 1801 and an occasional one in the 1990s. The old part of the cemetery is adjacent to Main Street/Route 5 from the vault south about to halfway between B and C Streets, and from C Street south to D Street, which is the southern boundary, and goes back to the first cross street, which is 1st Avenue. Most of the early settlers are buried here, including Susan Adams, whose tombstone reads, "She was the first person to be buried in this Yard;" Ezekiel Merrill, first settler of Andover; Mollocket, local Indian woman who helped the early settlers; and other early settlers and Revolutionary War veterans.

       Main Cemetery
        The main cemetery has burials generally from the late 1800s to the present. The main cemetery covers the area from A Street on the north (adjacent to the vault), to D Street (the southern boundary) and from 1st Avenue to the eastern boundary, with a small section fronting on Main Street/Route 5 between C and D Streets, back to 1st Avenue. This area generally has Section and Lot numbers, but there are some lots in Sections 1 to 4 that are not numbered.

        Cemetery Annex
        The lots in the Cemetery Annex are laid out in five rows, which start at Main Street/Route 5 and extend to the eastern boundary of the cemetery. Row One is closest to the vault and Row Five is along the cemetery's northern boundary. Rows Two through Five have a consistent numbering system, but Row One has some odd numbers because of the curve in "A" Street which separates the Annex from the older part of the cemetery.

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