Andover High School Graduates

1899 to 2006


This information was provided courtesy of the Andover Educational Fund. It is possible that more of the graduates are deceased than indicated here because many of them moved away from Andover and their deaths may not have been reported in Andover. Please direct any questions and report any changes or corrections to:

Sharon Hutchins

P.O. Box 155

Andover, ME 04216



All alums from 1899 thru 1924 are deceased

Ellen Akers Marshall, Ella Burditt Goodwin, Marjorie Burgess Thomas, Oriessa Burditt Dix, Mabel French, Ethel McAllister, Susan Mills Titus, Mona Newton Keith, Florence Talbot Gammon, Florence Thomas Learned


Eva Adams Newton, Barbara Cushman, Ina Hansen Bessey, Estelle Poor Marston

Attended: Nina Hall Clark, Caroline Poor


Gertrude Barrett Roberts, Gertrude Learned Kimball, Maggie Littlehale Thomas, M. Lucinda Marston Bristol, Isaac E. Mills, Floss Perkins Taylor, Bertha Richards Hall, Lizzie Richards Poor, Herbert Thomas

Attended: Webster Learned, Bealal Marston Hilton, Wally Marston, George Marston, Frank Newton, James Robinson


Nellie Perkins Caldwell, Marion Poor Lang


Attended: Agnes Talbot Milton


Cecelia Abbott Elliott, Helen Akers McAllister, Eva Andrews Marston, Martha Cushman Scott, Matilda Hall Coolen, Ina Poor Clough

Attended: Walter Bailey, Clarence Hall, Evelyn Melcher Grume, Mattie Warren


Elinor Bacon, Ethel Bacon, Herbert Boynton, Bertha Campbell Noyes,Olive Hewey Burgess, Earl Marston, Richard Melcher, Jr., Ethel Philbrick Burgess, Harold Poor, Helen Thomas Dunn, Lillian Thomas Martin


Harrison Amber


Fred Abbott, Webster Abbott, Etta Akers Talbot, May Akers Hall,Walter Akers, Geneva Burgess Amber, Evelyn Elliott Stevens, Irving Hanson, Vaughn Porter Buchanan, Sheridan Richards, Cedric Thurston

Attended: Valesca Huse Gary, Grace Cook, Clarence Bailey,Marion Adams Saunders, Charles Morton, Bernice Colcord Bixby


No graduates; all attended

Annie Akers, Edmund Bailey, Elizabeth Baker Richards, Bernice Dunning Morton, Etta Glover Perkins, Mertie Learned, Avery Merrill, Lewis Morton, Dick Nevel, Orville Newton, Harry Roberts, Lillian Small Virgin, Lillie Thurston


Guy Akers, Dorothy Grover Dunbar, Maud Howe Taylor


Florence Akers Burgess, Hazel Akers Pratt, Gladys Howard Abbott, Homer Richards, Evelyn Smith Driggers

Attended: Alice Andrews Merrill, Ramona Twitchell


Stephen Abbott, Villa Akers Merrill, Sadie Bailey, Henry Howard, Lucetta Howard Akers, Earlon Merrill, Erma Perkins Bennett

Attended: Elizabeth Cushman Glines, Winnefred Learned Glover, Vena Cole Littlehale


Effie Akers Merrill, Ira Bodwell, Eshborn Crossman, Guy Morton, Stella Roberts Harrison

Attended: Ida Cutting Marston


No Graduates


Victor Akers, Archer Cole, Jesse Elliot, Cecil Sweatt, Arthur Whiting


Laura Hutchins Staples, Rena Learned Brown, Eva Lovejoy, Florence Lovejoy, Waldo Merrill, Montgomery Poor, Lester Thurston

Attended: Lawrence Parsons


Irene Abbott Walker, Dorothy Akers Leighton, Rena Bodwell Spidell, Florence Holt Perry, Vivian Learned Silver

Attended: Edward Baker, Eola Hewey Goodwin, Dorothy Roberts Cole


Frinda Gordon Miller, Arthur Marston, Grace Mitchell Glines, Eva Snell Thurston,

Attended: Mattie Cutting McEwen, Howard Dunning, Paul Thomas


George Akers, G. Ralph Akers, Viola Searle Luxton, Ivy Thurston

Attended: Alma Grover Hewey, Merchant Parrott, Lucene Ream Smith, Ruie Richmond, Lula Richmond, Avard Spidell


Mary Marston Garneau

Attended: Marion Learned Mansfield, Ray Learned


Olive Akers Head, Frank Dresser, Fred French, Jr., Ina Learned Berringer, Athalie Sweatt Cummings, Chester Volney Sweatt

Attended: Blanche Crooker Schneider, Lawrence Roberts, Rena Hutchins Falkenham, Ida Dunham Sweatt Rich, Theodore Hewey, Rex Damon, Fred Hutchins, Louise Thomas Kennard, Margaret Eastmen McLeod


Helen Bartlett Smith, Harold Bodwell, Grace Clark Bowen, Wallace Cutting, Merton Fox, Doris Ripley Geiger, Daisy Searle Reed Young, Willa Spidell Carver, John Sweatt, Della Thurston Howard

Attended: Harold Hodsdon


Norman Crossman, Mary Helen Damon Stearns, Faye Dresser McLeod, Eileen Ellingwood Smith, Hazel Fox Mills, Louis Hall, Hazelle Merrill Ferguson, Tressa Milton Stowell-Gabrielson, Thelma Roberts MacKinnon

Attended: Irene Bartlett Hosmer, William Crooker, Walter Enman, Henry Hutchins, Barbara Poor Burleigh, Gladys Remington Stewart


Thelma Poor Clark, Margaret Learned Learned, Millie Newton Hodsdon, Eleanor Sweatt Mosher, Dorothy Thomas, Beatrice Warren Reed Dresser,

Attended: Paul Davis, Irene Roberts Kerr


Graydon Campbell, Charles Cutting, Eva Damon Bodwell, Louise Morgan French

Attended: Herschel Bodwell, Edward Clark, George Crooker, Everett Dresser, Freeman Holt, Archer Hutchins, Roger Mills, Sr., Frank Morgan, Vincent Morton,

Lois Small Hall

All alums prior to 1925 are deceased


Edith Robinson

Rest are deceased: Verna Campbell Learned, Dorothy Marie Elliott Lang, Elizabeth French Swan, William French, Richard Hall, F. Roger Milton, Laura Newton Learned, Althea Poor Milton, Omer Spidell, Elizabeth Warren Cutting

Attended: Eleanor Bartlett Allen, Florena Cole McEwen, Lester Farrington, Agnes Hutchins Avery, Catherine Hutchins McGuire, Geneva Mitchell McKinnon, Flora Morton Whitten, Vaughn Morton Vale, Hazel Robinson Millett


All are deceased: Merle Akers, Pauline Crooker Colby, Hazel Delong Arsenault, Florence Marston

Attended: Winslow Rand


Attended: Pauline Ellingwood Hodgkins

Rest of class are deceased: Frett Bartlett, Milton Crossman, Olive Crossman Bingham , George Dunn, Jenny Ellingwood Libby, Dora Hutchins Morton, Merna Hutchins Allen, Thomas Learned, Byard Marston, Howard Marston, Robert Milton, Lewis Morton, Ruth Morton Learned, Miriam Rand, M. Carolyn Roberts, Norman Roberts, Hildreth Robinson Saunders, David Smith, Sr., Frank Thomas

NOTE: Carolyn Roberts was the only one to graduate


All are deceased: Eunice Hawley Leadbetter, Doris Marston Merchant, Carroll Roberts, 

Attended: John Akers, Montana Thomas Hurdle 


All are deceased: Ruth Bailey Akers, Robert Damon, Geneva Dunn Mitchell, Florence Hall, Helen Hall Martin, Basil Hutchins, Eva Learned Judkins, Cedric Marston, Alice Milton Averill, Marie Morgan Rafuse, Howard Rand, Donald Smith


All graduates are deceased: Howard Averill, Edith Cutting, Harold Damon, Celinda Hall Dunn, Thomas Dunn, Donald Fraser, Wendell Sweatt

Constance Thomas Wass

Attended deceased: Edna Spares White

Rest are deceased: Richard Averill, Dorothy Bemis Spaulding, Robert Dunn, Frederick Ellingwood


All graduates are deceased: Kenneth Feener, Ella Ladd Glover, Josephine Poor, Albert Whiting

Attended deceased: Eva Farrington Chenery, Gertrude Bemis Hutchins, Lucy Morton Arnold


All graduates are deceased: Herbert Hall, Harold Glover, Marjorie Marston Sessions, Anna Thurston, Roberta Thurston Learned

Attended: Helen Roberts Perkins

Attended deceased: Betsey Poor Fisher, Jack Poor


Margaret Fraser Webber, Lydia Glover Cram,

Deceased: Roger Damon, Ruth Damon Wentworth, Gertrude Emerson, Georgie Marston Fraser, Ella Learned, Henry Perkins, Minerva Pratt Grace, Elsie Spares Arsenault

Attended: Thelma Blood Woods, George Ellingwood, Clara Manzer West


Virginia Morrison Gilman

Deceased: Wendall Blood, Francis Campbell, Dorothy Emerson Grant, Alvena Hodsdon, Earlon Merrill,  Burton Richards

Attended deceased: Dorothy Ladd, Editha Glover Grover


All graduates are deceased: Raymond Akers, Marguerite Campbell Emerson, Addie Dunn Feener,  Harold Falkenham, Eva Gerrish Hutchins, Bernard Hutchins, Edith Marston McKay, Alliston Meisner, Raymond Parsons, Clyde Roberts, Cecelia Sweatt Adams, Maurice York

Attended deceased: Mildred Bemis Decker


All graduates are deceased: Robert Bailey, Marjorie Campbell Jodrey, Elmer Elliot, Floyd Emerson, Alan Fraser, Norman Hall, Christine Glover Ladd, Learned Porter, Alton Richards Homer Richards, Robert Swain, Delbert Thurston


Louise Crooker Leach,  J. Phillip Roy

Deceased: Dorothy Campbell Keene, Albert Dunn, Lindon Hilton, Clifford Littlehale, Rowena Marston Brochu,  Sylvia Poor Ellis, Evelyn Richards Daggett

Attended: Clyde Glover

Attended deceased: Louise Cole Dunn, Elwyn Merrill, Merton Perkins, Arvilla Porter Robinson, Mark Porter


Merton Blood, Blanche Gibbs Fitzherbert, Elmer Parrott

 Deceased: Minnie Pawe Akers, Nellie Barrett Howard, Earlon Blood, Alice Cole Jodrey, M. Freda Delong, Lee Elliot, Charles Marston Sr., Allison Merrill, Eugene Merrill, Stephen Richards,

Attended deceased: Rosalie Bemis Harlow, Eva Gerrish Hutchins, Norman White


Clarence Bailey, Eda Roberts Perkins

Deceased: Harry Dunn, Robert French

Attended: Carolyn Swift Vaughn

Attended deceased: Florence Arsenault, Jeannette Glines, Ethelene Silver Merrill, Edward Remington


Kathleen Glines Dyer, Arlene Remington Harrington

Deceased: Donald French, Frances Delong Poor, Roy Emerson, Virginia Glover Salsbury, Ismay Roberts Meecham

Attended: Warren Gillis (?)

 Attended deceased: Henry Manzer, Althea Richards Hutchins, Mildred Wood Trine


Neal Bodwell, Iris Hilton Weare, Sylvia Marston Witham 

Deceased: Shirley Campbell Mann, Louise Hewey Powell, Ray Littlehale, David Marston, Harold Marston, Neil Smith

Attended deceased: Freeman Meisner, Rita Porter Damon, Chester White, Ernest White


Doris Feener French, Maynard Roberts, Shirley Spidell Smith

Deceased: Cecelia Campbell Remington, Laura Miller Dolloff, Stanley Fox, Natalie Glover Littlehale, Grace Roberts Simmons, Colin Voter

Attended deceased: Mary Wood Bailey


Pricella Farwell Murphy, Sylvanus Glover, Phillip Learned, Edith Littlehale Martin, Shirley Meisner, Virginia Merrill Justard, Roderick Sidelinger, Amelia Swain Entin

Deceased Gordon Miller, Barbara Pratt Meisner, Clarence Remington

Attended: Florence Meisner Michaud


Hazel Chase Deauceault, Lorena Cushing Simmons, Ida Peaslee Davis

Deceased: Frank Richards

Attended: Betty Schneider Moore

Attended deceased: Fred Barrett


Lester Bailey, Robert Elliot, C. Russell Learned, Orville Meisner, Ileen Peaslee Guild

Deceased: Arlene Conant Capone, Barbara Reed Flaherty

Attended deceased: Robert Farwell


Elizabeth Hall Warner, Keith Hodsdon, Elizabeth Merrill Britt, Norma Sidelinger

Deceased Amos Campbell, Agnes Roberts Porter, Elizabeth Whitten Hodsdon

Attended: Thelma Cushing Remington


Paul Bodwell, Ray Hodsdon, Elliot Lang, Earl Meisner, Howard Spidell

Deceased: Douglas Reed, Shirley White Parkman,

Attended: Dorothy Learned Mills

Attended deceased: Ruth Hall Spidell


James Bodwell, Philena Crooker Chaisson, Dorothy Merrill Roberts, Roger Swan, Ronald White

Deceased: James Morris Hall,  George Richards, Glennice Silver Roberts

Attended: Patricia Pratt Waters, William Swan


Maxine Dresser Thurston, Harold Peaslee,

Deceased: Ruth Chenery Sherwood, Louis Hall, Edward Littlehale

Attended: Pearl Chenery Elliot, Freeman Farrington, Mary McNeil Walton, Roger Mills, Jr.

Attended deceased: Wilbur Chenery, Mervin Farrington, Dorothy Hall Anderson,  Kenneth Roberts


Duane Damon, Joyce Dresser Birch, Sally Glines Bodwell, Barbara Glover Meisner, Doris Glover Reed, Josephine Hall Meisner, Keith Hall, Margaret Hall Farrington

Deceased: Mary Hall Serafin


Allen Bodwell, Herschel Hall, Owen Morton, Robert Spidell

Deceased: Roberta Abbott Haney


Barbara Farrington Hayden, Charlotte Farrington Hayes, Laverna Farrington White, Richard Hall, Dorothy Knox Emery, Arthur Myshrall, 

Deceased: Otis Morton, Arthur H. Whitten, Jr.


Leon Akers, Frances Dresser Kerschner, Sally Mills Wilson, Barbara Myshrall Yates, Leatrice Porter Myshrall

Deceased: Dorothy Lang,  James Sennett, Jr.


Melvin Akers, Ernestine Porter Miller, Raymond Thurston, Norma White Farrington

Deceased: Phillip Abbott, David Bodwell, Sidney Jodrey

Attended: Geraldine Farrington Parise


Gerald Deanis, Helen Lang Deanis, Clinton Littlehale, Lorenzo Miller

Deceased: Judith Doyen Hall

Attended: Patricia Barlow Springborn


Leon Dunn, Judith Feener Ravaris, Joy Glover Hall, Stephen Hall, Robert Hines, Theodore Purcell, Donna White Hall 

Deceased: Theodore Reed


Charles Akers,  Barbara Blanchard, Phyllis Deanis Nichols, Thomas Dunn, Gloria Hutchins Donahue, Priscilla Morton Hodgkins, Victor Richard

Deceased: Elaine Gammon Akers, Calvin Baker

Attended: Edith Hall, Daniel LeBlanc, Jr.

Attended deceased: Olive Akers Parsons, Laurel Arnold McDougall


Beverly Akers Swan, W. Jean Chase Gammon, William Crooker, Jr., Sandra Emerson Barnett, Michelene Favreau Roy, Harold Hutchins, H. Iver Marston

Deceased: Paul Richard

Attended: Madeline Chase Wells


Jean Cushing Akers, June Farrington Trenoweth, Sharon Fitzherbert Hall, Jack Ladd, Raylene Learned Richard, Thomas Learned, Winona Myshrall Stecher, Paula Percival Smith, Leon Simmons, Hugh Smith, Joan Stinson Carney

Attended: Suzanne LeBlanc, Frances Sylvester


Darrell Cushing, Janice Doyen Roy, Michael Feener, Elaine Jodrey Morton, Gertrude Learned Akers, Daniel White, David White, A. Bernice Maddix Kehn

Deceased: Janet Hewey,  John Jodrey, Avis Perkins Simmons

Attended: June Gammon Hutchins, John Harding, E. Joanne White Palmer


Linda Akers Percival, Nancy Bemis Wardwell, Dexter Blanchard, George Chase, Robert Hutchins, John Percival, Vernold Porter, Dorothy Smith Tibbits, Jean Stinson Schaeffer, Darline Tucker Hall, Juliette White Slack, Wanita White Offhaus

Deceased: Francis Remington

Attended: Reginald Farrington, Leroy Jodrey, Lane Ladd McDonald


Arthur Hutchins, Gail Learned Belanger, Mary LeBlanc, Richard Marston, Wayne Morton, Marion Smith McKenney, Walter Sylvester, Norma White Plantier

Deceased: Learned Littlehale

Attended: Carole Farrington Cantello, Jaunita Marston Blaisdell, Ruth Sylvester, Richard White


Odelia Blanchard, Albert Dunn, Jr., Floyd Emerson, Jr., Larson Hiltz, Janet Howard Field, Phillip Howard, Joanne LeBlanc Carver, Gillis Leroux, Alfred Marston, Ann Morton Bishop, Marilyn White Morton

Attended: Rena Myshrall Parker

Deceased: Virginia Jodrey Morton,


Margaret Akers Cook, deceased

Tamara Emerson Poole, Jannice Harrigan Young, Barbara Hutchins Warner, Dwight Hutchins, Elizabeth Hutchins Belanger, Sidney Jones, Harlan Libby, Leon Littlehale, Marcia Meisner Raymond, Thomas Michaud, Gregory Peaslee, Jeannette Simmons Hutchins, Donald Smith, Theresa Sylvester Bouchard

Deceased: Archie Howard, Allyson Hodsdon

Attended: Bertrum Doyen, Franklin Gammon, Daniel Remington, Beverly Robinson


Albert Abbott, Rosalie Bailey Holliday, Virginia Bell Penny, Fred Emerson, Theresa Gallant Bouchard, Victoria Michaud Bolduc, Karen Mills Vachon, Robert Porter, Alyce Smith, Margaret Smith Buzzell, Donna Stinson Gagne

Attended: Edna Porter Touchette, Terri Remington LaPointe

Attended Deceased: Linda Farrington Theriault


Julia Akers Gribbin, Arthur Cole, Patricia Emens Clark, Nancy Glover Brooks, Merilee Jodrey Thurston, Roger Jones, Roberta Learned Wright, Geraldine Leblanc, Gary Marston, Donna Meisner Smith, Margaret Mills Madigan, Susan Richard Patrick, Howard Perkins, Carolyn Simmons Merrill, Phillip Smith, Sandra White Delano

Deceased: Penny Poor, Raymond Hutchins

Attended: Viola Hutchins Hodgkins


Howard Bailey, Ruth Bodwell Hilton, Sharon Coolidge Hutchins, Frank Emerson, Rebecca Farrington Marston, Kathryn Feener LaPointe,  Marguerite Jodrey Humphrey, Kenneth Merrill, Roger Mills, III, Joy Porter, Victoria Simmons Meisner, R. Perry Stinson, Barbara Sylvester

Deceased: Brenda Hiltz, Kenneth Jodrey, William H. Simmons


Mary Abbott Bilodeau, Cynthia Bell Towle, Charlotte Coolidge Hutchins, Gloria Howard Gregoire, Stephen Knox, Marshall Meisner, Timothy Michaud, Paula Poor McDonald, Barbara Rickards Dakin, David Smith, Jr.

Deceased: Charles Marston, Jr.,

Attended: Faye Porter Stinchfield, Earl Cole

 1968 was the last class to graduate from the Andover High School. Andover high school students are now part of School Administrative District #44, and most attend Telstar High School in Bethel. However, some of those listed below may have graduated from schools other than Telstar.


Anita Colby, Beverly Coolidge Merrill, Brandon Falkenham, Helen Glover Salway, Jeanne Merrill Marcucci, Aliston Roberts, Bruce Simmons, Steve Simmons, Judy Spidell, John Sylvester, Margaret Sylvester Squires, Mary Sylvester Thompson, Robert Sylvester

Deceased: Paul Salway


Brenda Bailey Bailey, June Bailey Inman, Bonnie Farrington Vashaw, Randall Knox, Phyllis Littlehale Spaulding Simmons, Mark Snyder, Barry Swasey


Susan Bell Jones, Christine Coolidge Frazier, Donna Dunham, Howard Frazier, Wendy Glover Hansen, Gary Meisner, Phillip Mills, Thomas Sauret,Michael Sylvester

Deceased: Kerry Meisner, Patricia Gill,

Attended deceased: Glen Fyrberg


Nancy Bailey Young, Mark Blanchard, Deborah Cayer, Christopher Gill, Deborah Meisner Schotter, John Merrill, Barry Nevel, Theodore Pearson, Joan Richardson McIntyre, Elizabeth Sidelinger, Howard Whitten

Deceased: Ashley Roberts,


Brian Bailey, Belinda Briggs Poor, Toni Conrad Blais, Albert Coolidge, Robert Cuff, Peter Farrington, Stephen Fyrberg, William Gallant, Dennis Gill, Richard Jodrey, Diane Meisner Dyment, Victoria Meisner Merry, Alice Pearson, Laura Jones Piawlock, Brenda Rowe Roberts, Ernest Richards, Beverly White Bailey

Deceased: Christine Frazier Mulvaney


Elizabeth Bell Beauchesne, Ann Dolloff, Matthew Elliot, Glenda Falkenham Meisner, Stephen Farrington, Debra French Richard, Gale Glover Hall, Joye Johnston Reier, Michael Mills, Kerry Merrill, Donna Morgan Fyrberg, Lana Nevel Fyrberg, John Snyder, Scott Snyder, Alan Stinson

Deceased: John Richardson, Jr.


Kevin Cuff, James Dolloff, Betty Farrington Davis, Keith Farrington, Brenda Howard, Sylvia Howard, Vincent Meisner, Peter Poor, Linda Roseberry Smith, Richard Smith, Larry White, Lynne Whitten, Wanda Whitten Coolidge

Attended: Dale Conrad


Donald Bailey, Bertha Cox Grover, Robert Farrington, Donna French Cunningham, Jacqueline Gammon, Richard Mills, Claire Morgan Carver, Otis Morton, Jr., Sharrold Nuppula Bowman, Beatrice Philbrick DeSpirito, Barry Rickards, Kathy Richardson, Lester Richardson, Jeffrey Roseberry, Kathi Sennett Knowles, Pamela Sidelinger McBride, Karen Swasey, Paula White Barber


Sherry Akers Cunningham, Sharon Briggs Farrington, Jannice Clement Casey, David Dolloff, Michael Dunn, Bonnie Hutchins Hodgkins, Kathleen Hutchins Otero, Michael Lannon, Leslie Mills, Bobby Richardson, Thea Tracy Dunn, Kimberly Whitten Stinson


Susan Chartier Morton, Daniel Cox, Timothy Downs, Mark Farrington, Susan Feener Anderson, Sylvanus Glover, Brett Hayden, Robert Merrill, Elizabeth Morton Ladd, Hanson Morton, Michael Myshrall, Rhonda Palmer Jodrey, Edward Roseberry, Ann Summerton Rienhart, Kaye Swan Morin, Raymond Wirth

Deceased: Faith Morgan,


Lorene Adams Cobb, Debra Briggs Gilsdorf, Glen Conrad, Jodie Deanis Wilson, Rachel Farrington Concotia, Lori Gammon Kersey, Dana Meisner, Leigh Michaud Ganung, Christopher Mills, Dorothy Morton Swan, John Morton, Kenneth Morton, Richard Morton, Timothy Tracy, Carolyn Whitten Mills, Roland Wirth

Deceased: Randall Deanis, Mona Roberts


Kathi Bailey Tibbits, George Cayer, Gary Clement, Scott Farrington, June Goodwin Roy, Timothy Hall, Linda Morton Merrill, Russell Palmer, David Richardson, Elaine Roseberry Smith, Karen Swan McKay, Kirsten Wirth

Deceased: Mindy McElmurry Gilbert 

Attended: Daniel Wells


 Glenn Dunn, William Gill, III, Marie Miller Hall, Brian Mills, Michael Morton, Cheryl Morton, Ed Palmer, Joel Putnam, Jeffrey Wardwell, Barbara Wouri Pattavina

Deceased: Sandra Cox Rowall, Grant Conrad

Attended: Daryl Wells


Timothy Akers, Denise Bodemer Green, Derwin Childs, Robert Dixon, Michael Dorey, Diana Field, Dennis Hall, Carrie Hayden, Terry Hutchins, Mary Anne Jaros McArthur, Linda Marston, Pamela Mayberry Morgan, Chris McElmurry, Saavic Leary (Penny Meisner), Eric Morton, Kevin Myshrall, Warren Palmer, Patricia Rickards Holmes, John Schachter, Tara Sally-Gay Tracy Cuff, Sheryl Simmons Hoisington, Gail Sidelinger Dolloff


Dennis Bodemer, Garth Conrad, Sharon Cox Sicotte, Chris Downs, Denise Foster Festino, Adam Gammon, Thomas Gill, Doreen Hall Harris, William McDougall, Stephanie Merrill Sterling, Dennis Michaud, Melinda Mills, Dora Morton, Pamela Morton, Michael Parker, Troy Plantier, Lee Richardson, James Shields, Eric Wardwell

Deceased: Gerald Deanis, Kevin Gammon, John Holmes, Chesley White


Deanne Bodemer Rothwell, Karin Dixon Milligan, Stacy Gammon, Jeffrey Hall, Eric Hutchins, Charles Jaros, Paula Morton, Cheryl Parker Pippin, Joshua Putnam, Karen Sennett Murphy, Linda Simmons Farwell, Scott Tabb

Deceased: Chris Akers


Jon Akers, Kellie Akers Crockett, Rachel Belanger Labbe, Floyd Coolidge, Brenda Cox Sessions, Donna Dorey, Emily Gammon Bodemer, Lorna Gilks Downs, Joseph Hall, Shelley Hutchins, Dewaine Jodrey, Richard Merrill, Jr., Patricia Mills Cox, Kris Percival, Nichola Savoie, Jacob Schachter


Allyson Belanger Heintz, Martha Bell Lutrelle, Richard Bodwell, Kimberly Deanis Moore, Tammy Holmes Hughes, Jennifer Hutchins Vitale, Todd Porter


Judy Bailey Conrad, Linda Field, Marcy Gilks Sweetser, Tammy Hall Presutti, Deanna Hutchins Fowler, Linda Learned Putnam, Lynn Mayberry Palmer, Scott Merchant, Kevin Merrill, Jayme Tabb Wardwell


Kelly Amidon Quinn, Heidi Belanger Kern, Deborah Bodwell, Bob Chase, April Cole, Vanessa Cooper, Michael Dixon, Kim Hutchins Bowes, Alisha Jodrey, Steve Learned, Nancy Miller Volkernick, Lori Milton Chouinard, Karen Morton Pierce, Valerie Morton, Alexandra Morton, Sandra Morton Wentzell, Delmar Parker, Rob Shields, Karen Simmons Adams, Karl Smith, Danny Thurston


Kim Delano, Jason Glover, Valerie Hayden, Marsha Hutchins, Rebecca Hutchins Kalavaza, Patti Jaros Bryant, L. Grady Littlehale, Jen Martin, Paula Michaud Valaquez, Jason Miserocchi, Jennifer Milton, Debra Morton, Gregg Simmons, Larry Snowman, Bethany Taylor, Brenda Taylor, Erin Walker, Gary Williamson


Michele Beauchesne, Teague Berry, Brian Chase, Kristi Clement Hollaran, Vicki Cooper, Cathy Cronin Godwin, David Foster, Beth Hutchins, Matthew Littlehale, Barbara Mosher, Stephanie Percival, Tracy Weston Rainay, November Yates


George Cassivant, Kristin Delano Garbarini, Heather Ellis, Scott Emery, Christina Gammon, Christian Hutchins, Walter Smith, Darlene Wells


Jennifer Bailey, Jeffrey Bailey, Derek Brennan, Esau Cooper, Brian Davis, Michael Emerson, Robin Michaud, Thomas Morton, Howard Roberts, David Smith, Apryl Yates


Chad Bishop, Sarah Delepine, Nathan Emery, Toby Farrington, Dean Irish, Daniel Irish, Kevin Morton, Mary Newell, Lori Parker, Jennifer Percival, Suzann Richardson, Scott Spaulding, Daniel Thibodeau, Jon Thurston

Attended: Holly Salway


David Brennan, Kelly Cronin, Jessica Freeman, David Newell, Robin Palmer Mosher, Tim Rivera, Keith Smith


Ben Bartlett, Jaime Brennan, Robert Cuff, Katherine Emerson, Peter Farrington, Amy Kaulback, Peter Miserocchi, Joel Peaslee, Angela Szente,


Kara Bartlett, Sadie Gallant Sirois, Christina Harvey, Sean Hawkins, Justin Hutchins, Mary Jane Learned, Ian Richardson, Wesley Richardson, Kurt Thurston, Scott Waite


Fred Emerson, Daniel Emerson, Liza Fyrberg, Kelly Jaramillo, Richard McLean, II, Megan Meisner, Shannon Morton, Ryan Richard

Deceased: Michael Cuff, Greg Peaslee II,


Walter Drakus, Jessica Durgin, Andrew Hawkins, Kenny Jodrey, Darcy Morse, Angela Percival, Kristi Pingree, Monica Smith, Nathaneal Thibodeau, Karen Thurston


Philip Bailey, Casey Brown, Julie Burgi, Brice Gammon, Samantha Mayberry, Jon McLean, Christine Richardson, Adam Williamson, Yrral Yates


Erica Blood, Megan Bowker, Katrine Burgi, Amanda Davis, Brianne Drakus, Forest Fyrberg, Jennifer Fyrberg, Amy Green, Nicole Kreiton, Keir Simmons, Yrall Yates


Melissa Bailey, Lynsey Brown, Jay Cole, Maria Cornwell, Jonathan Downs, Dan'Yel Hale, Mindy Hale, Joshua Hansen, Sarah Mayberry, Jennifer Morin, Darin Morse, Denise Scotti, Eric Swasey, Lyrra Yates


Erika Davis, Christina Downs, Jillian Fyrberg, Francesco Guara, Anne Marie Kneeland, Ashley Ladd, Evan Lincoln, Benjamin Sabin, Michael Sabin


Craig Angevine, Douglas Bailey, James Farrington, Carlos Guerra, Jr, Jonathan Hammond, Samantha Ladd, Catherine Swasey


Jennifer Arsenault, Benjamin Bailey,  Erin Farrington, Lindsay Farrington, Heather Glover, Peter Poor II, Ashley Stambolis, Elizabeth Witt


Lauren Barletta, Michael Brown, Frank Emerson, Andrew Farrington, Jasmine Fyrberg, Lacy Gammon, Mary Henley, Joel Lincoln, Joshua Longway, Matthew Mills,  Thomas Scotti, Clayton Smith

Attended: Alexa Burgi, Robert Merrill


Kayla Anastasio, Stephen Andexler, Blake Conrad, Crystal DeRoche, Sherry Downs, Cynthia Farrington, Jessica Farrington, Siobhan Henley, Curtis Hughes, Kayla Mills, Stephen Scotti, Shaun Young


Joseline Belanger, Owen Barter, Nicholas Hammond, Jennifer Learned, Kayla Morin, Toni Morin, Abby Mills, Jessica Putnam, Lauren Gammon


Nicholas Anastasio, Michele Andexler, Brianne Bailey, Debbie Dolloff, Mark Emerson, John Farrington, Matthew Farrington, Patrick Milligan, Esther Pew, Samantha Scadding, Julia Sambolis, Rebecca Willson

Source: Andover Educational Fund

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